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How can you best convince sometimes skeptical decision-makers that choosing a Copyleft license for your company's FOSS project is a sound choice? Building on a foundation gleaned from classic techniques used to overcome sales objections, this panel will discuss strategies to make the business case for Copyleft as part of your company's FOSS licenses for your company's FOSS initiatives.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
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User freedom is being trampled by JavaScript. Can’t copyleft help here as it has in other areas? Copyleft’s traditional requirements have been seen as ill-suited. We’ll talk about what’s happened, what the future holds for copyleft here, and a little about how these challenges relate to the broader issue of copyleft’s relevance to users’ freedom while interacting with network services.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
The range of embedded devices that include GPL’ed software has exploded over the last 30 years and compliance with the GPL seems to be a growing problem with a somewhat simple solution. Learn about why GPL compliance is an issue in embedded space, how [censored] makes it easy for OEMs to ship a CCS (Complete Corresponding Source) disk and why compliance should be part of every build system.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
How to build a Free Software business based on strong copyleft licenses without relaying on CLA's and dual licensing? What positive effects can you expect by providing a level playing field? How to build a real Free Software business? This will be discussed on a real world example and based on first hand experience by the author.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
The goal of this discussion would be to gather ideas and facilitate participation of all groups in tailoring a meaningful actionable strategy regarding producing copyleft educational contents that would be crowdsourced, non-institutional and free. What barriers lie ahead in regards to legislation, legal, licensing and implementation of contribution mechanics. How copyleft influences retention, participation and acknowledgement and what kind of social dynamic does it create inside micro cultures...
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
There have been several high profile efforts recently (Common Clause and the Server Side Public License) to try to improve the business situation for open source companies. Unfortunately these efforts seem to reject the free software ethos. This presentation will review common business models that that maximize the advantages of existing copyleft licenses while being faithful to free software.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
One of the main issues to solve when migrating from proprietary software to FLOSS is end user resistance to change, mostly based on misconceptions or sheer ignorance about FLOSS. Educating about CopyLeft licenses, and all the associated advantages, can reduce this resistance to change, and ease the migration process.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
Recently, several proposals have been made for “extreme” copyleft licenses, including two submitted to the Open Source Initiative for approval: the License Zero Public License, the Server Side Public License. These licenses have been argued as necessary because the copyleft of AGPL does not go far enough. Are these proposals a boon, or a bane, to the development of a robust copyleft licensing?
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
Most students don’t really care about FOSS. Maybe they like the fact it’s free. But they often don’t care about the ideology. Of course, at this conference we do. But should we really continue to evangelize based on principles and ethics? Or should we look into alternative ways to make others see the light? This talk goes into how ULYSSIS tackles this problem at KU Leuven.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019
We now live in a world where we have seen free software and copyleft trolling and copyleft rent seeking. Commercial ligation like Ameriprise and Great Minds is here. We now have to ask the question of what impact will commercial litigation have on the interpretation of commonly used licenses? What role if any should the community take in helping to shape courts’s interpretations of the licenses.
Topics: copyleft, copyleftconf, copyleftconf2019